Daniel Gorziza offers a 'Locked Groove' via Karunga Muusika


Daniel Gorziza offers a 'Locked Groove' via Karunga Muusika

After a some-what short break, Karunga Muusika drops it's contribution to the deluge of releases around, with an absolute killer from Daniel Gorziza with his 'Locked Groove' E.P - featuring two tracks that entice all the goodness of the 'GROOVE'.

German producer from Siegen, Daniel Gorziza is a newcomer on the Karunga Muusika imprint - and he's one of the producers that is hard relate to a certain genre of electronic music, as he says: ‘In my productions and DJ sets, I do not set limits or certain styles, so that I can express creatively.’ He describes his music as being technoid, unlimited and danceable.

The title track 'Locked Groove' does exactly what it says on the tin... keeping it's main theme of locked and grooving the dancefloor in a groove. With a great vocal and real dub techno sound that will be felt on the rumbling under your feet.

While 'Mumbling' is more of a standard Tech House track again with a great vocal, with a groovy bassline and a rolling synth monster as well as great building percussion.


1. Mumbling
2. Locked Groove

Release Date: 7th October 2015.