Dauwd releases stream of new release 'Saleh'


Dauwd releases stream of new release 'Saleh'

One of Kompakt's most illustrious releases of 2014 so far, DAUWD's KINDLINN EP (KOMPAKT 295) finds a more than fitting follow-up in 'SALEH', the London-based producer's latest push into romantic psychedelia and deep electronic dance music, displaying all the loving care for sonic detail and melodic bravura that have already transformed his former efforts into celebrated stand-outs.

As with DAUWD's previous offerings, the new material on 'SALEH' sits comfortably between techno, house and UK bass, albeit with a seemingly growing flair for the straighter blends within the groove spectrum allowing for an intensified focus on the various wondrous landmarks found in DAUWD's soundscapes, a highly imaginative and masterfully crafted exploration of undulating synth textures, soaring melodies and gripping percussion.

In 'MOIETY' - the release's equally catchy flipside offering - the synth molecules start to swirl within the first seconds of a needle being dropped, but are soon reeled in by the highly conductive beat and a truly vaso-dilating bassline. Whilst the lead melody gently weeps, the cut's rock-solid chassis keeps on pushing it forward, marrying remarkably powerful momentum with the laid-back chills of nostalgia. It's the kind of track that leaves you in a meditative mood without toning down the stoke factor, a multi-faceted and engaging listening experience for both sofa surfers and floor fiends.

Catch Dauwd at the following:

18th Oct - DGTL for ADE Komakt, Amsterdam
25th Oct - Nouveau Casino, Paris
31st Oct - District8, Dublin
1st Nov - Nochtwache, Hamburg
21st Nov - The Warehouse Project, Manchester
29th Nov - Village Underground, London
3rd Dec - The Faversham, Leeds
6th Dec - Goethebunker, Essen