Dead CERT. Records debut Jordan Louis with his 'Lepcis' EP


Dead CERT. Records debut Jordan Louis with his 'Lepcis' EP

Dead CERT. Records debut a promising producer - Jordan Louis - based out of Antwerp, Belgium, he drops his 'Lepcis' E.P - with three remixes from Frank Savio, Michel Lauriola and Callum Plant.

After releases on Translucent, Audio Borderline and Fach amongst others. His raw talent and ear for creating great tracks is instantly noticeable and will no doubt be appreciated across the board.

The original mix of 'Lepcis' is built from a looped lead sound that progresses with flicks of reverb and subtle modulation giving the track an infectiously hypnotic groove.

First up on remix duty is Frankfurt/Main based Frank Savio returns with his first remix for DEAD CERT. He chops the originals lead sound into triplets and uses it as more of a rhythm part. Adding his own lead synth that is played on an offbeat stab creates a unique, jerking and powerful groove filled with suspense.

The second rework comes from Venezuelan, Michel Lauriola who runs the 43 Recordings imprint with Alex Bau. Michel adds plenty of subtleties and atmospherics to his version, a throbbing sub drives the beat, injecting a darker soul that's perfect for peak time moments.

Last up is Manchester based Callum Plant who is a DEAD CERT. favorite making his third appearance on the label. Tweaking the hook and lead sound he throws in a rolling bass line which becomes the track's main focus.

1. Lepcis (Original Mix)
2. Lepcis (Frank Savio Remix)
3. Lepcis (Michel Lauriola Re-order)
4. Lepcis (Callum Plant Remix)

Release Date: 26th October 2015.