Dead.Cert release sixth in the 'Black Mail' series


Dead.Cert release sixth in the 'Black Mail' series

Dead.Cert puts out the sixth in the labels mixed artist series entitled 'Black Mail' that showcases individual tracks from a selection of handpicked artists. This EP contains some quality cuts in a back to back affair supplied by Spanish artists C-System and Rasser to John Barsik and Juan Trujillo in Argentina.

C-System brings 'NeoTokyo' to the platter taking a tense and hypnotic approach on this one, where the looping melody pad is lit up with electronic surges, modular fills and atmospheric textures in a thought provoking slice of intelligent Techno.

Up next is John Barsik - 'Static' heading straight to the dancefloor with this monster. The huge kick and funked up groove begins to build from the word go, where the title is instantly relevant to its cause. Tough, dark and hypnotic this multipurpose track can be used as a building tool or a peak time weapon depending on your mood and creativity.

Talented producer Rasser shows his no nonsense approach with 'Strike' - muffled kick and whispering vocal sample backed up by delicate hi-hats provide a chic and understated element to this perfectly sculpted track of Jacking Techno.

Promising producer Juan Trujillo with 'The Sossial' mixes the muffle of a huge kick layered with sub bass and whispering hi-hats he creates a forward momentum complemented by the tracks lead synth. Although in a relaxed tempo the track is still full of energy and gets the job done on the dancefloor.


1. C-System - NeoTokyo
2. John Barsik - Static
3. Rasser - Strike
4. Juan Trujillo - The Sossia

Release Date: 24th August 2015