Debut release by Sebastian Hauber a.k.a. dwell with 'Kisses' EP


Debut release by Sebastian Hauber a.k.a. dwell with 'Kisses' EP

Debut release by Sebastian Hauber a.k.a. dwell is surely a crown jewel of the Raw Paper Records current catalogue. Chock full of subtle progression and riddled with a myriad of tiny details that only seasoned producers can instill - this EP is truly a nostalgic postcard from the now sadly passed summer of 2016...

4.20 is a future classic, little unassuming lo-fi house track with a garage aesthetic, that starts of with crunchy percussion and soulful vocals - but when the bass and synths kick in you're suddenly realising that the best is yet to come....

Kisses by dwell - so sweet, it'll knock you off your feet. FM_ reinterpretation is a classic Chez Damier-ish spin on the title track - what starts off as a tame little chord sequence peppered with hauntingly recognisable vocal cuts ends up relentlessly progressing towards the feverishly frenetic finale.

mmmotion grabs the title track by the throat, drags it thru a mud bath, unscrupulously dirtying up everything that was sweet about it and ultimately turns in a track that is now a crunched up, bass up sludge fest that will probably leave you gasping for air and asking what the hell happened.

Drownin serves as a nice little synth-laden bubble bath, created with the sole service to bring you down gently after the sonic voyage our artists crafted.


dwell - 4.20 (Original Mix) 
dwell - ki$$es (Original Mix)
dwell - ki$$es (FM_ reinterpretation)
dwell - ki$$es (mmmotion realignment)
dwell - drownin (Original Mix)