Detroits Motech Records releases DJ 3000 & Mazepa - Until Its Gone / Moja


Detroits Motech Records releases DJ 3000 & Mazepa - Until Its Gone / Moja

The next release on Detroit’s Motech Records is a split EP with the label’s own DJ 3000 who stormed the DJ and store charts with ‘Take Me Away’ in April and introducing new Detroit artist, Mazepa.

At the age of 12, Mazepa discovered Detroit Techno. It was Jeff Mills’ ‘The Bells’ via the Internet and even at that tender age he knew it was sublime. He wanted more. A year later, when his father took a job in Detroit, he was able to dive into the real thing, beginning to produce his own tracks by day, sneaking into warehouse parties by night. Along the way, Mazepa - who was born to Ukrainian parents - met producer, DJ and label owner DJ 3000, who cut his techno chops as part of the extended Submerge family.

At one of the warehouse events, Mazepa had the good fortune to have DJ 3000 nearby when he was sharing his early demos with a friend. The friend passed the headphones over to DJ 3000, who listened for a few moments and asked the then-high school senior, ‘Did you make this music?’ Seeing potential in the teenage producer, it was on that day a friendship and an artistic relationship was born.

Mazepa spent the next five years at the University of Michigan. After graduation, he moved to Detroit and threw himself headlong back into techno, producing more tracks and becoming the label manager at Motech. His impressive debut foretells an exciting future for the 22-year old artist on Motech and the international stage beyond.

With two tracks apiece, the EP opens with DJ 3000’s deep and grooving ‘Until It’s Gone’ with its epic Detroit strings, before the darkly striking ‘Delray’ comes jacking in. Mazepa certainly proves he can hold his own on the atmospheric ‘Moja’ with its smooth melody and rolling waves of rhythm, alongside the dappled theme and solid beats of ‘Anathema’.


Until Its Gone - DJ3000
Delray - DJ3000
Moja - Mazepa
Anathema - Mazepa

Release Date: 17th October 2016