Developer is makes a return - this time presenting ‘Liberation Signals’


Developer is makes a return - this time presenting ‘Liberation Signals’

Nearing the 2-year mark since the launch of the label, Weekend Circuit is back with undoubtedly its most accomplished release to date. Having already featured on WCR 04, providing 2 standout remixes for Coldgeist’s ‘Artefacts’, Developer is making a return - this time presenting ‘Liberation Signals’.

After gaining much deserved acclaim among his peers in the last decade, Developer has cemented himself as a respected name in techno and it is a great pleasure to invite him back for a rare appearance outside of the labels that have paved his path including Mote Evolver, Polegroup and his own hugely inspirational imprint - Modularz.

‘Liberation Signals’ has all the attributes of a trademark release from the Los Angeles based producer - fully functional for the dance floor yet still in true Developer fashion, brings a sound with a multi faced approach to production. Reaching out from main room to after-party, with an agenda-free straight up techno tactility this EP is armed with the militia required for any club eventuality, summoning energy wavered by time.

All in all, a release worthy of a knighthood, Developer has delivered once again.

Over the last 2 decades Developer has played in various countries as well as taking part in laying a foundation in the LA techno culture by producing events and exposing various first time international talents through out the mid to late 1990's. Developer gained much of his acclaim and extensive performance history from his strong mixing and programming skills as well as the ability of playing 40 - 60 records per hour on 3 turntables with effect processor and sampler.

This inaugural release will be available from 2nd Feburary 2015 on 12” + Digitally worldwide.