DHCR returns with sonic experimentation on 'Angular Bells' EP


DHCR returns with sonic experimentation on 'Angular Bells' EP

After debuting on the Planet Rhythm Imprint, DHCR is now back with the Angular Bells EP, summing up 2 years of sonic experimentation, but also marking a step forward, towards new challenges.

The EP starts in full force with Angular Bells, a techno cut which sways the listeners with strong dynamic rhythms and piercing bass lines.

Up next, Konstruktiv label boss Rekord 61 takes Angular Bells and adds his acidic trademark paired with cold hypnotic synths, in order to deliver an ethereal yet massive remix.

Keikari’s remix changes the atmosphere by adding more texture and depth, but still remains confined within the borders of that dark techno esthetic specific to Konstruktiv.

Dual starts off steadily and then proceeds into a swirl of sharp and stomping beats, and then the brooding Monopolar track closes the release with syncopated drum kicks and haunting rhythms.


DHCR - Angular Bells
DHCR - Angular Bells (Rekord 61 remix)
DHCR - Angular Bells (Keikari remix)
DHCR - Dual
DHCR - Monopolar

Release Date: 3rd October 2016