Dimmish presents stunning deep tech with 'Gokkota' EP

Melodic Techno

Dimmish presents stunning deep tech with 'Gokkota' EP

Deep Tech Records and Baile Musik artist Dimmish is the latest up and comer to be nurtured through the Lucidflow family with the 'Gokkota' EP - featuring three tracks easily fits into the portfolio with its penchant for sharp beats and deep melodies.

This is evidenced in heading straight to the title track, where a stark introduction eventually unfurls like time-lapse imagery of a crocus at sunrise. Here, the middle stretch suddenly broadens into pleading arpeggio and strings, tugging at your emotions as the sound of seagulls filter in.

Living up to its title, 'Solid' heads straight for bedrock. It is a percussive churning number that aims to disorientate with its dizzying breakdown that turns into a swarm of hi-hats before diving back down into the hypnosis.

Rounding off, 'Elision' goes for progressive structure, eking out the introduction of elements as the track pushes on. The path is set with breakbeats and aqua chords, then the anchoring kick is introduced, then greater emphasis on melodic elements.

The key conceit are the flourishes that precede these micro-events, most significantly with the swells that accompany the disorientating spoken word poetry in the breakdowns.


1. Gokotta
2. Solid
3. Elision

Release Date: 31st October 2016.