Dirty Basscore drops Bavarian Techno with '0815' EP on Credo


Dirty Basscore drops Bavarian Techno with '0815' EP on Credo

Techno from Bavaria? You may ask yourself - Dirty Basscore drops some uncompromising Techno on the Credo imprint - itself a kind of lighthouse for the more energetic sounds in the bavarian heart. Dirty Basscore is emerges with his very own unique and uncompromising style.

'0815' tingles with every twist and tweak, pummelling with a palpitating bass and kick roll, percussive elements are gradually introduced before the shimmering riff enters the fray.

'MBass' is a driving, mechanistic track that piles on the hypnotic, hydraulic overtones. Snarling, gnashing and tough, its drop heralds the arrival of a thudding kick drum, producing the backbone to the track.

'Azid' hisses, pops and bangs through its deep groove and 808 claps with a real twisted acid feel, restlessly deviating through a simultaneous weaving of high and low melodic touches.

And as this wouldn't be enough we even top it with an excellent repaint by another bavarian techno-stallion. Klaudia Gawlas, who probably doesn't need any introduction, delivered a superb interpretation of the title track.


A1. 0815
A2. MBass
B1. 0815 (Klaudia Gawlas Repaint)
B2. Azid

Release Date: 21st October 2015 (Vinyl) - 23rd October 2015 (Digital)