DJ Hyperactive delivers Black on Black on his 4Trk label


DJ Hyperactive delivers Black on Black on his 4Trk label

Having recently announced the relaunch of his 4Trk label, the Midwest techno legend, DJ Hyperactive delivers ‘Black on Black’. The first release on 4Trk back in 1997 was by the man himself so it’s only apt that he should come full circle with this new three-track EP.

DJ Hyperactive (aka Joseph Manumaleuna) left Chicago at the peak of his career on a straight shot to SoCal to take on the daunting challenge of opening a record store, managing 4Trk, and jumping on planes to spin across the globe. These days he’s back in Chicago after nearly 20 years in LA and ready to continue 4Trk’s legacy.

The latest release features three new cuts from DJ Hyperactive and it’s immediately clear that he hasn't lost his touch for tough techno workouts, opening with the deep and pulsating acid kick of ‘303.1’ before the clangs of ‘The Walk’ sound out, followed by ‘Lightspeed to Oblivion’ approached from a dark techno perspective.

With regular releases in the planning, expect more from 4Trk in the coming months...


1. 303.1
2. The Walk
3. Lightspeed to Oblivion

Release Date: 7th September 2015