Djuma Soundsystem - Saguaro EP [​Sol Selectas]

Indie/Nu Disco

Djuma Soundsystem - Saguaro EP [​Sol Selectas]

Sol Selectas drop the stunning new 'Saguaro' EP from Djuma Soundsystem, hailing from Copenhagen, with previous releases on Get Physical label and Chapter 24 Records. Complementing the two originals are three remixes from Sobek, Fake Mood and Kincaid, who each bring their own individual flavour to the EP.

Saguaro is the first collaboration on the release with Westerby recreating the jungle atmosphere and paying homage to the aboriginal natives. The spritely melodies full of intrigue are symbolic of the wide-eyed enchanted stairs from glowing Western eyes looking upon beautiful foreign landscapes.

Sobek reworks Saguaro for the second track on the EP and keeping the main lead synth intact, refining and stripping back, in this alternate version uses the chants more as a distant texture instead of a prominent feature.

Kawahagi is a collaboration with Western and a representation of the South African weather with tribal drums being the pitter-patter of rain. Which leads to the drama of the breakdowns ominous bassline that looms like an overcasting storm cloud.

Fake Mood provides the fourth track with their remix of Kawahagi using a more uptempo groove and a clear focus on sequenced percussion in comparison to the live percussion loop of the original.

Finishing the release is Sol Selectas homegrown talent Kincaid, who takes a very distinctive approach to his remix focusing of the chants and percussion of the original, but not without the addition of his own ethereal pads and quirky acid line.


1. Saguaro
2. Saguaro (Sobek Remix)
3. Kawahagi
4. Kawahagi (Fake Mood Remix)
5. Kawahagi (Kincaid Remix)

Release Date: 15th October 2018