Doctor Dru makes his debut on Upon.You Records


Doctor Dru makes his debut on Upon.You Records

Coming in from straight outta Hamburg for his debut on Upon.You Records is the notorious Doctor Dru who has built up a massive reputation and following as a part of the hanseatic JEUDI Records camp throughout the past years in which he played a role both as a producer and resident DJ at the camps parties of the same name.

With the title track Corner Ball we see Doctor Dru kicking some serious ass on the dancefloor, bringing on a techy intro sequence and a rapid build-up for all fans of ever busy midrange synth wildpitch efforts whilst on point filter excess, metallic percussion bits and clean, yet screaming sci-fi tones provide extra fuel for full-on devastation.

Dondo the second tune on this single, focuses on a still techy, yet more hypnotic vibe for the wee hours, introducing ultimate darkness in terms of massive bass waves and eerie atmospheres accompanied by layers upon layers of cut up vocal bits and a subtle overall presence of ghostly, mysterious, multi-dimensional entities feeding of the energies provided by a heaving dance-floor.


1. Corner Ball
2. Dondo

Release Date: TBC