Dodi Palese returns with 'Spirals' to the Engrave Ltd imprint


Dodi Palese returns with 'Spirals' to the Engrave Ltd imprint

Dodi Palese marks his return to the Engrave Ltd imprint with his new production 'Spirals', taking his inspiration from his recent pleasure journey through some of the best known Galaxies.

The first track opening the release 'Coma Berenices' hails a monolithic techno groove that heads down melodic direction thanks to a special pad placed in the middle of the track which builds up a strong emotional atmosphere.

Next up Palese takes you to 'Virgo' cluster, with it's multi-wave kick drums, and synth emulated radio waves merge into the crazy interlace of Dodi's Synth programming.

While the interference coming from 'M109' has reset Dodi's instruments, taking a more abstract approach, with sine-wave interlaced synths, off key high-hats and sharp piercing overlays of radiation waves.

Completing the release 'NGC1365' adds an off-kilter and somehow wrong weirdness to the track, with it's straight forward kick-drum being the only normal sound, spiraling synths, hard claps all assembled into a creation of beauty.

Dodi Palese has created a release of wonder, with nothing left unturned on the release.


1. Coma Berenices
2. Virgo
3. M109
4. NGC1365

Release Date: 15th June 2015.