Doid's classic 'Fructose' gets a workover from Delaze


Doid's classic 'Fructose' gets a workover from Delaze

The Paris based imprint Sino, revisit an old classic from Doid (a.k.a Kikoman - Michigan veteran and Techno pioneer), delving in to the archives bringing out the reworked and updated 'Fructose' EP.

The track was originally part of the classic 1996, 'Style of the Abstract' EP released on DJ Hyperactives Contact imprint. It now gets an overhaul, with two remixes from Delaze plus the release revisits the original cut.

Delaze offers two remixes on the release, taking in both the darkside and an edge towards the light - adding a modern and updated twist on both cuts.

The 'Even Darker Mix' takes all the key elements of the original and brings everything to another level creating a new "wild pitch" sound.

While the 'Light Remix' takes in the Detroit inspired patterns and beats recrafting them with a modern twist, with the groovy wave created by kicks, hi hats and basses.

Rounding the release off comes the original version of 'Fructose' another one of those tracks ahead of it's time, with synths that are melodious, timid and gloomy at the same time.


1. Fructose (Delaze Even Darker Mix)
2. Fructose (Delaze Light Remix)
3. Fructose (Original Mix)

Release Date: 13th November 2015 (Vinyl) and 12th December 2015 (Digital)