Dolph releases a symbiotic harmony on his debut ​'Itself' EP

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Dolph releases a symbiotic harmony on his debut ​'Itself' EP

Young emerging talent Dolph releases a symbiotic harmony on his debut 'Itself' EP - four tracks that each look into itself while becoming a welcome member of the Amselcom family.

'Still' kicks off the release with it's warm pads on solid grooves and decorates them with playful melodies. Sometimes breezy and sometimes rather melancholic but always filled with sensual emotions.

Dolph focuses on linear organization, he is guided by effective simplicity and abjures needless gimmickry and excessive demand. Itself invites listeners on a special journey that perfectly reflects the essence of the producer’s creative live sets. 

Carefully and closely observing that blue coloured flower, watching it's stylistic beauty and jauntiness grow 'peu a peu'.  A constant change that arouses a feeling of naive merriment, always reflecting back on... Itself. 

In symbiotic harmony with Dolph's music stands the cover artwork of Contemporary Artist Richard Shipley: As I Search For A Face That I Know beguiles and surrenders Itself to the organically immersive dynamics of cathartic self reflection and abstracted expression.


Dolph - Still
Dolph - Konvex
Dolph - Blue Flower
Dolph - Peu A Peu

Release Date: 18th November 2016