Dorian Gray explores the 'Dangerous Planet' on his new E.P


Dorian Gray explores the 'Dangerous Planet' on his new E.P

Chicago's imprint [We Build Machines] takes its next release from Italian Techno producer Dorian Gray with the 'Dangerous Planet' E.P, consist of five strong and pulsing tracks each one with some special shadow of techno.

Moving away from mother earth the imprint looks at the advance high-priority science goals for X714 exploration, WBM013D will addresses key questions about the potential for life on X714 and the planets orbiting bodies. The mission will also provide opportunities to gather knowledge and demonstrate technologies that address the challenges of future human expeditions to X714.

The release kicks off with 'Sci 3.0' adds a pinch of stellar dust sweeps up the horizon of the track, a spectral voice rings, and we take off again when the tempo rises

The title track ‘Dangerous Planet’ kicks off with straightforward 4x4 rhythmic groove that gradually builds up layer by layer into the darker shade to meet the mysterious break, followed by heavy brooding bass tones slashing through the kick drums, deepening the atmosphere with the hollowing echoes.

'Temporal Transmission' elevates the dark mood of original while pumping in even more energy with rolling kick/hat combo and psychedelic swirling chaos of synth that intensifies throughout the entire length of the track.

'Stark' possess much more hardened groove, pounding out the drums packed with blinding force, throbbing sub, scattering chirps and a relentless galloping rhythm that set to boost the momentum.

'Serenity Journey' takes the tension-filled doomsday feel of original to another level and gives a new dimension to the heavy merciless percussion by adding haunting howling echoes that growls like that of ghosts combined with more muted drums and subtle layers of stabs of kicks and effects.


1. Sci 3.0 (Original Mix)
2. Dangerous Planet (Original Mix)
3. Temporal Transmission (Original Mix)
4. Stark (Original Mix)
5. Serenity Journey (Original Mix)

Release Date: 5th June 2015.

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