Dorian Gray offers sublime Techno remixes of 'Impermanence' on Webuildmachi


Dorian Gray offers sublime Techno remixes of 'Impermanence' on Webuildmachi

Making his return to the Chicago based imprint Webuildmachines, Dorian Gray offers up two sublime Techno remixes of label head Tunnel's original track, 'Impermanence'.

In true Dorian Gray style, his first remix 'Impermanence+' takes the dark and brooding beatless drones of the original, adding some electronic wisdom, before capturing the listener in a mysterious atmosphere.

In contrast, 'Impermanence++', picks things up slightly, pulsating in and out of atmospherics, held together with a thumping bass, with syncopated elements of the original surfacing in an alternative mode, that's dark and driving.

The release closes with the original version of 'Impermanence' which provides an effective remedy to the mood set by the Dorian Grey remixes, the essential is characterised by a hypnotic ambience that creates a sombre aurora.

All of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux. In a moment of pain or panic, know this to be true -- impermanence is the only constant.


1. Impermanence+ (Dorian Gray Remix)
2. Impermanence++ (Dorian Gray Remix)
3. Impermanence (Original Mix)

Release Date: 15th November 2015.