Dorroo - The Cave EP [Intec]


Dorroo - The Cave EP [Intec]

For his third release on the label, Romanian artist Dorroo is back on Intec with his solo track "Automatic." Other labels featuring Dorroo tracks include Teggno and his own Crado Recordings, along with his music signed to Intec.

The dark atmosphere and rippling "The Cave" synths build with an intensity of brooding. Understated and ferocious, this threatening techno cut has the perfect twisted sound for playing peak time.

"Warehouse" has a gritty style with hints of acidity and pulsating rhythms. The title tips its hat with a classic sound to the techno warehouse party era from which this track takes its influence.

Arguably, finishing with "Undershow" wonky synth stabs saves the release its best till last and closes the release with a distinctive track that has hard-hitting percussion mixed with a distinctly peculiar melody.


1. The Cave
2. Warehouse
3. Undershow

Release Date: 19th April 2019.