Dubtek ventures onto a Vinyl imprint with 'DV001'


Dubtek ventures onto a Vinyl imprint with 'DV001'

Dubtek is a Leeds Techno club night that has a true taste of the culture with a firm focus on championing UK artists, where exceptions are made by a solid link in some form.

Having featured guests like Cold Dust (Mike Humphries & Jon Nuccle), Chris Colburn, Rich Jones / Operator, Paul Mac to Billy Nasty.

Their first venture into a vinyl only imprint to further the brand features Spanish titan David Meiser (Synewave/Nachstrom), Bristol based Kereni (BCR/Amazone), Jake Conlon (Decoy) from Birmingham and Leeds' own Louis Ray.

The release creates an array of

A1. David Meiser - Epsilon
A2. Kereni - Mutual Gravitation
B1. Jake Conlon - Cry of the Necromancer
B2. David Meiser - Epsilon (Louis Ray Remix)

Release Date: 17th August 2015.