Dunmore Park release a laidback affair with 'St Martin' EP ft Esette Remix


Dunmore Park release a laidback affair with 'St Martin' EP ft Esette Remix

Dunmore Park is the culmination of a life spent absorbing and collecting music. Dunmore Park’s productions are nostalgic collages of sound, taking old world melodies and mingling them with newer sensibilities.

Andrew Williams, a 10+ year veteran of Canada’s electronic music scene, utilises a lifetime of digging, collecting, and sampling songs from all over the world to create each track. His music is rooted in his experiences of attending bible camps as a child, growing up in the UK as a youth, and travelling across the Middle East and Africa as a young man.

The release kicks off with 'St Martin' a laid-back ambient affair with melancholy beats subdued with heart warming vocals, a reminder of early Cafe-del-Mar releases.

'Shore' is simply an array of sounds masterfully arranged in a wonderful sleek house track, with a slow build up, which just drops in a crescendo of beats and samples, one of those track for the early hours.

Esette steps in for rework duties on the release, giving 'Shore' that extra bit of pizzaz - with a fresh array of beats, arranged around a wonderful euphoric build up - yet adding a darker more defined edge.

While the project is freshly launch, Dunmore Park’s music has already received support from labels and DJs from London to L.A. Keep an eye on this young producer for his first release in the summer of 2016.


1. St Martin
2. Shore
3. Shore (Esette Remix)

Release Date: 6th August 2016