Dustywork takes edgy approach with 'Dead Metal' E.P on Suck House Lovers


Dustywork takes edgy approach with 'Dead Metal' E.P on Suck House Lovers

With this third release on his digital based imprint Suck House Lovers, Dustywork pushes forward with his personal conception of Dub Techno, where he explores the blending voices and melodic textures, progressing with his personal taste for an edgy approach. Both tracks reveal a more mature vision of the Dance Floor attitude.

'Path Finder' kick's off the release, taking an epic journey through melodic deep techno, it's a lengthy track just over twelve minutes, but manages to hold itself for the duration.

'All I See' has a deep dark synth-line with a thumping bass drum, layered on top of a repeating sharp samples, with a reverb and distortion effects with a overlayed dark vocal in all a darker take on the style of the previous track.

While the four remixes featured on the release, enrich this EP bringing layering different points of view thanks to these talented producers, Pablo Akaros, Droneghost, Blister 13.0 and False Flag, taking the listener from Dark, Trance to Minimal Techno.


1. Path Finder (Original)
2. All I See
3. Path Finder (Pablo Akaros Remix)
4. Path Finder (Droneghost Remix)
5. Path Finder (Blister 13.0 Remix)
6. Path Finder (False Flag Remix)

Release Date: 25th May 2015.About Suck House Lovers

Established in 2014, with the aim of exploring the border line between techno and experimental dance music, we try to support artists and productions with eclectic touch, bold and able to renew itself cyclically, without locking into a single genre.

The labels motto is: Discovering spaces to fill gaps between 20hz TO 20khz.