Dutch imprint Patterns release Will Kinsella's 'Talking Through Computers'


Dutch imprint Patterns release Will Kinsella's 'Talking Through Computers'

With releases already in 2015 from D'Jamency vs Oliver X, Kostas Maskalides & Obi Baby and Jean Agoriia the Dutch imprint Patterns turn to Irishman Will Kinsella for their next release, with his 'Talking Through Computers' E.P. It's the last in a series of tracks from Will Kinsella's time as a house engineer in Temple Lane and Grouse Lodge studios (Ireland). Where all tracks were mixed through a Neve VR Legend Console and mastered by Matador.

"While I was running kick drums and bass lines through Rupert Neve circuitry, Rihanna was in the basement recording vocals on our SSL. It all seemed perfectly normal at the time.”

Talking Through Computers E.P sees the re-release of the track 'Kongo' featuring Niwel Tsumbu, the track was listed by Dave Clarke in his top tracks of 2011 and it was featured on White Noise Radio 3 times.

The title track 'Talking Through Computers' was written from on a selection of equipment available in Temple Lane at the time, where SH-101, DX7 and an ATC all make a cameo appearance on the track.

'Road to Coin' was written while on holiday in Spain while traveling from Velez-Malaga to the picturesque town of Coin before getting the VR Legend treatment.

This is Will’s second release on the Patterns imprint, where he joins Ben Sims, Mike Humphries, Joris Voorn, Mark Broom, Marko Nastic, Secret Cinema and Spektre on the Dutch label.


1. Kongo ft. Niwel Tsumbu
2. Talking Through Computers
3. Road to Coin

Release Date: 13th April 2015.