Eduardo De La Calle releases 'My Own Transition' on vinyl via Hivern Discs


Eduardo De La Calle releases 'My Own Transition' on vinyl via Hivern Discs

The ever on-point Hivern Discs opt for a statement release from Eduardo De La Calle, offering up this single-track reissue of the Spaniard's highly thought of and sought after "My Own Transition". Originally released back in 2011 as part of the ninth 12 inch on De Calle's Analog Solutions platform, the track remains a wide-reaching yet still meaningful peak-time cut in deference to the Underground Resistance classic 'Transition'.

With its steady-ticking thrust and organ-like hum there's plenty to sweep you up in the track, not to mention the life-questioning resonance of the vocal, and while it might have missed the peak of summer hands-in-the-air-moments there's still plenty of damage this track will do in the right kind of spacious spaces.

"My Own Transition" has to be one of our favourite techno tracks in recent years. Since it's release three years ago, it has stick with us in a really special way. Having known Eduardo for years, and given that many people couldn't get a copy of the original release, we thought it would be a good idea to ask him about repressing it. He quickly accepted, giving us the chance to re-master the track and give it a well deserved second life.

The track itself is a classic Detroit techno composition, but with Eduardo's signature brittle melodic progressions and spiritual atmospheres. As a matter of fact, Eduardo himself explains that the track was inspired by his "bhakti yoga studies in an Ashram based in Spain", with the "transition" of the title being "the journey between life and death". Maybe that's the reason why the track has such an emotional strength. The release comes in a single-sided 12" with artwork by Arnau Pi. This will be a vinyl-only release.