Electro mistress, Fraulein Z unleashes stream of 'Horrorist' remix


Electro mistress, Fraulein Z unleashes stream of 'Horrorist' remix

Electro mistress, Fraulein Z unleashes her brand new rave anthem, 'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' (The Train to Herr Zimmerman) via her own imprint this October and is a high octane, no holds barred homage to the infamous underground Herr Zimmerman parties. This 5th release on her own Herr Zimmerman label also features a bass laden, menacing remix from underground New York artist, The Horrorist.

Fraulein Z dedicates this release to all the thousands of amazing party people that have partied and supported the Herr Zimmerman club nights over the past years.

"I came up with the idea for this track and the title while riding the underground in Berlin," Fraulein Z recalls. "We heard every stop being announced in German and when the doors opened you hear this robotic announcement saying, 'Einsteigen bitte!' meaning 'Please enter!'"

She goes on to add, "Then you hear this industrial sound of the train creaking on the rails and the sound of the doors closing followed by an incredibly loud horn blast just before the train starts moving and I'm thinking this could work out as a mad techno track with some weird, random voices in German. And I created a 'Zug' to Herr Zimmerman.

Also you have to get a similar underground to our Herr Zimmerman parties in Rotterdam, so I thought it'd fit in nicely."

Earlier releases and remixes by Fraulein Z on Herr Zimmerman label receive support from artists like Dave Clarke, Anthony Rother, Brodinski, Dr. Lektroluv, Angy Kore, Al Ferox, David Carretta, IPUNK, and many more.

'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' is one hell of ride to one of the best underground techno-electro parties you can imagine: 'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman!,... Einsteigen bitte!'