Emetic Records Martyn Hare unleashes Emetic DNA 02


Emetic Records Martyn Hare unleashes Emetic DNA 02

Following on from the storming inaugural release alongside his tracks on Perc Trax and Earwiggle, Martyn Hare unleashes Emetic DNA 02. It's Hard Techno, very experimental for some of it... yet a very powerful dancefloor release!

Unrestrained by allegiance to any one particular path of production, Martyn’s style simply refuses to be pigeonholed. His genre-splicing, eclectic blend is carried over into his DJ sets, in which he carefully combines the subtly soulful with the downright dirty to always get the dancefloor moving.

The A-side 'White on Grey' slap claps you right in the face and then drowns you in analogue acid, While on the B-side 'Centrifuge' is an industrial breakbeat 303 eating beast that certainly gets the damage done.

There's certainly no holds barred with this release, you need to be really into Techno to really appreciate this. Not for the faint hearted by any means.


1. White on Grey
2. Centrifuge

Release Date: 2nd February 2015 on Emetic Records