Emphatic House from Fed Conti with the '23|32' E.P


Emphatic House from Fed Conti with the '23|32' E.P

Vision Digital, the Underground Party Organisation turned record label, based out of Torino approach Fed Conti for some emphatic House with his release '23|32'. Offering two original tracks that are simply a driving force giving an insight into the Torino underground scene, particularly the 'Doctor Sax' club.

This is probably the first track talking about the Doctor Sax, a small club based in Torino (Italy) famous all around the world for its underground after parties. More precisely this is about the bartender Evita celebrated by Fed Conti sampling her talking voice about this place, getting as result both new cut edited sounds and some Italian slang quotes about the Doctor Sax's scene, rich of bizarre and really underground people.

Both tracks unleash a driving Tech orientated feel, building and dipping throughout - each have their own unique style with the solid Jackin’ House beats and emotive soundscapes and funk-driven rhythms which simply ooze class.


01. Fed Conti - Evita (Spoken Vocal Mix)
02. Fed Conti - Pfau (Original Mix)

Release Date: 26th September 2015