Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe join forces with 'The Acid Celebration' EP


Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe join forces with 'The Acid Celebration' EP

Gregor Tresher's big summer tune finally gets released... it's a collaboration between two fellow Italians - Enrico Sangiuliano and Frankyeffe with their 'The Acid Celebration' EP - three original tracks that prove his talent to discover great new artists for his label Break New Soil.

Enrico's releases on Drumcode and Secret Cinema's Gem Records and Franky's tracks for FLASH and Trapez were already high quality documentations of their exceptional studio skills but combining forces pushed their output to another level.

'Celebration' is packed full of swing and pace - push the track forward, as radiating, mid range bass pierces the track’s plain.

'The Acid' is adorned with progressive melodies, it’s dark overtones and unapologetic effects make for an equally as moody piece with it's twisted parts.

'Consolidate' is restlessly deviating weaving through high and low melodic touches, with kick and bassline merging into one heavy lead rhythm, while compressed snares lift up the track in bursts.


A1: Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe - Celebration
B1: Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe - The Acid
B2: Enrico Sangiuliano & Frankyeffe - Consolidate

Release Date: 12th November 2015.