EPM Music follow on with another coup from Sonic Mind’s D-Knox with 'Out Th


EPM Music follow on with another coup from Sonic Mind’s D-Knox with 'Out Th

Following their Robert Hood / Floorplan coup in last month (April), imprint EPM Music now turn to two other legendary figures in the world of Techno; Sonic Mind’s D-Knox (aka Donnell Knox), who delivers two blistering new tracks, while Metamorphic's Dan Curtin is on remix duties for the release.

‘Out There’ with its rotational and stippled groove and ‘Speak So They Listen’ with its funked-up stomp are a pure electronic delight, bearing all the hallmarks of D-Knox’s musical journey and sonic expertise.

Another luminary in his own right is Dan Curtin, who recently announced the relaunch of his celebrated Metamorphic label with ‘Space Pressure EP’. He’s set for another busy year with releases on labels like Turquoise Blue, Seventh Sign and of course more to come on Metamorphic.

A perfect complement to Donnell’s original, both musically and since he distributed Sonic Mind’s first release back in the day, Curtin’s remix of ‘Out There’ adds a tough drum line and sweeping touches, as his signature style shines through.


1. Out There
2. Speak So They Listen
3. Out There (Dan Curtin Remix)

Release Date: 25th May 2015

About D-Knox

Donnell Knox (D-Knox) grew up in Kalamazoo (Michigan), a city halfway between Detroit and Chicago, which goes a long way to explain the musical direction he’s taken over the past 20+ years.

As a musical youth he learned piano and drums before discovering dance music in the early 80s. Spending summer vacations with family in these two cities, he would listen to the Hot Mix radio show while in Chicago and The Wizard (Jeff Mills) on WJLB in Detroit, drawing inspiration and knowledge from two places that have been instrumental in House and Techno’s history.

When his cousin, Jay Denham returned to Kalamazoo in the early 90's the two began making tracks together and later Denham introduced him to the likes of Derrick May and other early Detroit producers. After releasing tracks for various key labels, like Elypsia, Magic Trax (run by the influential 90’s magazine, Magic Feet) and Denham’s Black Nation, he started his own Sonic Mind imprint, which continues to this day (the next release is due shortly), establishing a worldwide fan base. Now residing in Warsaw, Poland, the sound of D-Knox continues to develop.