EPM Music 'Go Back To Go Forward' with Paul Mac release


EPM Music 'Go Back To Go Forward' with Paul Mac release

After two successful releases with both Robert Hood/Floorplan and D-Knox, the imprint EPM Music now look to Paul Mac welcoming him back to the fold following 2012’s excellent ‘Hotel Insomnia’ album, with two brand new tracks ‘Go Back To Go Forward’ and ‘Jack The Dam Box’.

Paul’s recent production exploits have included his ’Space, Space And More Space EP’ for Tortured, ‘Unreserved EP’ for Clutch Trax, remixes of Ritzi Lee’s ‘Fire’ (Tortured) and Snello’s ‘No More Pleasure’ (Metodiq), not to mention his highly collectable ‘Archived Tracks’ series on Stimulus, on top of an ever-present DJ schedule.

‘Go Back To Go Forward’ is a beautiful and impassioned piece of music, with sweeping Detroit Esque strings and vibrant synths, it has all the depth and classic elements you'd expect from this accomplished music maker.

‘Jack The Dam Box’ meanwhile is an acid delight. Where ‘Go Back To Go Forward’ gives an emotional nod to the Motor City, ‘Jam The Dam Box’ transports you back to a dark Chicago warehouse. It’s full of jackin’ charisma.


1. Go Back To Go Forward
2. Jack The Dam Box

This special release will be available exclusively in digital format on 15th June.