Etherwerks look to Rasmus Hedlund with the 'Initiation' E.P


Etherwerks look to Rasmus Hedlund with the 'Initiation' E.P

Helsinki based label Etherwerks pulls-out its fifth release presenting a new artist on the imprint, Rasmus Hedlund. Besides his unique techno sound Hedlund is also known by his acclaimed ambient and dub releases on his own Ljudverket label.

For his first release on the label, Hedlund releases a functional modern techno plate, with the 'Initiation' E.P. It's a four tracker of pure inspiration and raw energy, as you would come to expect from Etherwerks - who are focused on quality Techno and Electronica.

'Cock Blocking Beats' creates an atmosphere swirling from dark hypnotic textures to crispy chord sounds, wash over a strange metallic bed of noise, punctuated by rough, off beat percussion.

'QuarterPounder' pounds away leaving your ear drums expanding on its rhythms, that gather pace as the track develops into driving solid techno.

'Corner Skanks' ups the pace yet again, with a driving raw feel. Its rough bass filling the track under charging percussion and crisp hats.

'Active Step' a pulsating grind, with a 808 style kick and chunky punctuating stabs of melody, over driven claps and eerie noises, closes the release with style.


1. Cock Blocking Beats.
2. QuarterPounder.
3. Corner Skanks.
4. Active Step.

Release Date: 16th June 2015.