Everdom releases 'House of Decay' on the Classic 91 label


Everdom releases 'House of Decay' on the Classic 91 label

Everdom is set to release his 'House of Decay' EP on the Classic 91 label, featuring three tracks in his sassy chilled Dub Techno style.

Although Everdom has releases on various other labels, with House of Decay, he suits the portfolio of artists signed to Classic 91.

Classic 91, the Andres Santana’s record label wants to be the home base for a family of new young artists and producers, all of them with something in common: their love for the music.

‘We are dedicated to the pursuit of musical innovation, its influence and essence of the underground dance rhythms. We believe in the new generation of young artists, the ones who are not scared of experimenting with new forms of musical expression’.

House of Decay (F.eht Remix) bolsters the EP. F.eht known for his own releases, other remixes and as a DJ, has the track available for an early listen on his Facebook page and SoundCloud and it is definitely worth a few listens and adding to your own DJ set upon release.


House of Decay
Form and Void
House of Decay (F.eht Remix)

Release Date: 3rd October 2016