Eye Shadow drops it's second E.P - featuring collaborations with The Cleer


Eye Shadow drops it's second E.P - featuring collaborations with The Cleer

With an uncompromising focus on House and Techno, the Eye Shadow imprint drops it's second E.P - featuring four tracks, each one a collaboration with The Cleer Consortium and another artist with routes in the North East’s underground music scene.

First up is a collaboration with Carl Handley aka Ruthit, their track titled ‘Liquid Debris’ is deep techno with a stripped back sound and strong dub influences. Carl took the hot seat and led the track’s production, but William’s influence can definitely be felt in its dark undertones and unusual groove.

The second track is a collaboration with Jason Wright, his track titled ‘Sliding Door’ was brought to life with Suade’s bass line and William Welt’s quirky production techniques. Deep and experimental sliding door is a mechanical electronica full of sliding rhythms.

Track three introduces the man of many pseudonyms Clarke Sawkill, along with Steve Legget on their track ‘Life Line’ originally based on field recordings and an Isaac Hayes vocal sample, but with the help of Suade it got twisted into a dark and dancefloor focused slice of Minimal Techno.

The fourth and final track introduces Matthew Sogorski, with a track titled ‘Panic Attack’ vocal added some creepy vibes to the already dark and tense track. Blowing the dust off his TB303 for some analogue knob tweaking, Suade worked in some serious Acid, turning the track into a distinctively individual bit of sinister Techno.


01. Cleer Consortium & Ruthit - Liquid Debris (Original Mix)
02. Cleer Consortium & Jason Wright - Sliding Door (Original Mix)
03. Cleer Consortium & Steve Legget - Life Line (Original Mix)
04. Cleer Consortium & Matthew Sogorski - Panic Attack (Original Mix)