Fabio Neural returns to Intec with his latest four-track EP Black Widow'


Fabio Neural returns to Intec with his latest four-track EP Black Widow'

Fabio Neural returns to Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s celebrated Intec imprint with his latest EP, ‘Black Widow’. This excellent four-track offering follows on from his ‘Kora’ EP released earlier this year via Intec, as well as ‘Decliner’ and ‘Dillinger’ in 2015 and ‘Yoda’ in 2013.

The EP’s title named track, ‘Black Widow’, kicks off the release, seeing the fierce groover combine dark synths, tidy percussive elements and jittering drums to great effect.

‘Clorofilla’ follows, immediately breaking the silence with fierce, almost blown-out kicks, as gradually elements are introduced to the high-intensity groover. The intrinsic breakdown mid-way through the six-minute number is the track’s only let up, before once again regaining its momentum for the climactic finish.

‘Memories’ features atmospheric, looped vocals and synth chimes that are layered over the pounding four-to-the-floor rhythm. It’s a track that encapsulates the release’s tough yet considered style of Techno, perfect for the underground clubs of Europe and beyond.

The closing track, ‘Stop The Rot’, similarly utilises the sinister palette of pad tones flaunted throughout the release, combining this with reverbed vocals and an underlying, shuddering bassline throughout its six-minute duration.


01. Black Widow (Original Version)
02. Clorofilla (Original Version)
03. Memories (Original Version)
04. Stop The Rot (Original Version)

Release Date: OUT NOW