Fabulist returns in 2015 with his 'Bass-ic Instinct' release as a free down


Fabulist returns in 2015 with his 'Bass-ic Instinct' release as a free down

‘Bass-ic Instinct’ is Fabulist’s latest effort, available as a free download for his Facebook followers – a gift to start a year that’s looking busy for the talented and highly creative artist. With storyteller being the denotation of his name, Fabulist has taken a quest to write stories through his beats, melodies, and creative sounds instead of words.

Deeply attached to his credo, all-round musical wizard Fabulist is in the business to give a deeper meaning to electronic music, sparking his muse from his inner emotions, an intriguing theme, or simply a story he wants to tell. Being from India, Fabulist’s key influences comes from A.R. Rahman, however he widened his boundaries to the global scene, deriving concepts from 90s Hip Hop, and electronic music pioneers such as Benny Benassi. His mix of native culture together with international flavours sets the base for his dark, experimental, and trippy sound, making him a one of a kind producer.

His newest single ‘Bass-ic Instinct’ is looking to strengthen Fabulist’s unique dark and nervous sound. Drawing inspiration from the movie ‘Basic Instinct’, this track is an ode to one of mankind’s most vital impulses, that to reproduce. Commencing with a left field rhythmic synth loop, an intensifying blowing wind effect, and a thumping drum groove, the single immediately gives the idea that Fabulist means business.

A resonating, shout-like effect gives way to a destructive, sub by bass-line, later joined by a space-inspired drum rhythm. Fabulist then unleashes his best melodic abilities, utilising a distorted lead synth to create a euphoric, yet outlandish texture, supported by the punchy four-on-the-floor drum groove. The track transpires into an expertly crafted sudden drop, driven by a peculiar, techy synth melody, and sporadic shouts, to then build up via a deep bass and solid drum foundation. Another titanic shout re-introduces the high-energy chorus that starts the whole party-mode again. Fabulist strategically places a series of drops and ascensions, which truly control the mood of the single, whilst also introducing colourful effects along the way to give an added layer of originality.

Available on SoundCloud now, ‘Bass-ic Instinct’ is sure to make waves with his following and beyond. With such a refined creative sense, industrious attitude, and avant-garde musical vision, Fabulist is setting new grounds and actively practicing his creed to give a profound meaning to electronic music. With this elevated level of releases, Fabulist is quickly establishing himself as one of India’s finest electronic music exports and is definitely one to watch in 2015.