FaceToFace Recording's boss Tim Xavier is back with 'No Edges' E.P


FaceToFace Recording's boss Tim Xavier is back with 'No Edges' E.P

Following on from Lando & Xavier's 'Power House Rhythm Unit'. Face To Face Recording's label boss Tim Xavier is back with his solo EP ' No Edges' presenting his new solo EP 'No Edges'. Four original works that live up to Xavier's and Face to Face Record's standard of quality.

Tim Xavier's passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases on Blueline in Chicago a decade ago. His career began in Houston in the 90s, and then on to Chicago, Brooklyn and now Berlin, where he has resided since 2007. He is a veteran to the industry; and his dark, edgy production style has remained uncompromising through the ever changing genres of techno and house.

He is also the owner of Face To Face Recordings and the owner / chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin; this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected record labels.

'No Edges' introduces the EP and chugs away purposely with a dramatic reverb heavy synth line.

'Bennington Hill' has the acid on point with a pounding beat that demonstrates Xavier's fluid simplicity.

'The Wolf Speaks' is a solid production with raw percolating grooves and punch.

And lastly, 'Distant Keys' offers deep and darkly driven music accompanied by an eerie acid crawl which is both intense and thought provoking.


A. No Edges
B1. Bennington Hill
B2. The Wolf Speaks
DX1. Distant Keys

Release Date: 3rd August 2015.