Felix Krocher releases 'Ammunition' EP on Riot Recordings


Felix Krocher releases 'Ammunition' EP on Riot Recordings

German techno don Felix Krocher starts the year off in style as he returns for his second EP on Italian-based techno label Riot Recordings. ‘Ammunition’EP is a full-blown techno outing from the German maestro, demonstrating his intricate grasp of the genre and his ability to consistently create dance floor ready productions.

'Ammunition’ is a network of punchy bass, syncopated hi-hats and a strong 4/4 kick. Felix subtly adds to the palpable intensity as he filters the refined and dynamic combination of kick, hi-hat and bassline to accompany the track’s synth rises.

‘Amps’, which proves a more minimal affair. Felix uses space in the track to create a broad and deep sound that is as punchy as it is clinical. The driving kick is interjected by staccato synth-work, drawing the focus of the track to the methodical rides and periodic percussive elements.

Remixing ‘Ammunition’ on the EP is Northern Irish based techno duo Loco & Jam who have supplied a tech-house take on the original, with affected vocals placed above the bassline and an additional wiry sub-bass synth.

For ‘Amps’, Felix has brought in Italian producer Hollen to give his bass focused version of the track, sure to create a stir.


1. Ammunition
2. Amps
3. Ammunition (Loco & Jam Remix)
4. Amps (Hollen Remix)

Release Date: Out Now