Felix Krocher releases 'I'll be Good' on Toolroom Records


Felix Krocher releases 'I'll be Good' on Toolroom Records

German techno icon Felix Kröcher is back on Toolroom Records with ‘I’ll Be Good,’ following on from the success of his ‘You Gotta’ release on the UK label last year. Deep and atmospheric, yet consciously assured ’“‘I’ll Be Good’ is another carefully constructed techno opus authored by the German maestro.

With a rolling groove and an inimitable energy, Felix imbues ‘I’ll Be Good’ with an immediate presence from the outset. Subtle atmospheric pads deftly sit in the mix as the synth line builds in a crescendo, bringing the composition into an orchestral wall of sound.

The titular vocal refrain gradually takes its place as delicate pads give the track well-defined movement. As the rides are introduced the track launches into full swing, building an insurmountable energy perfectly attuned for the dance floor.

Release Date: Out Now...