Felix Lorusso unleashes his 'Human Blackout' via NonLinear Systems


Felix Lorusso unleashes his 'Human Blackout' via NonLinear Systems

Hamburg imprint, NonLinear Systems unleashes its latest addition to the label, with Felix Lorusso presenting his unique definition with the release 'Human Blackout' - with it's raw, pure, industrial influenced sounds.

The label owner of "Cirque du Minimaliste" has already made a name for himself with releases on Wall Music, Genesa Records, Steil, Black Code or Hidden recordings.

In such a short time Lorusso, has managed to find his own expression of minimal music; 'HMNBLCKT-I' features the atmospherics, stunning bass-lines and haunting noises sometimes outlined by deep vocals.

While the follow up track 'HMNBLCKT-II' there's a sense of creation and interpretation of electronic music that's both dark and emotionally detached, with it's repetitive nature and dark horns.

'HMNBLCKT-III' completes the release, with it's expansive rolling techno goodness with sinister bass heavy drums drenched twisted synth-lines, all geared towards those making special late-night memories.



Release Date: 3rd June 2015.