Flaunt feat. Justin Jennings - Dipped In Ecstacy (Ripperton and Mark Picchi


Flaunt feat. Justin Jennings - Dipped In Ecstacy (Ripperton and Mark Picchi

Early November will see the Anticodon imprint offer up a remix package of Flaunt ft. Justin Jennings’ ‘Dipped In Ecstacy (Codon)’, featuring remixes from Ripperton, MNDR, Vedic and Mark Picchiotti.

Joseph Vitterito aka Flaunt released the ‘Codon’ L.P on Anticodon Records earlier this year, picking up a slew of reputable support along its way. Here we see Joseph offer up the title cut from the album ‘Codon’, with its newly formed title ‘Dipped In Ecstasy’ as a remixed package following the release of the album.

Opening things up is Swiss producer and Innervisions artist Ripperton, who treats to his typically moody and hypnotic sound, reshaping ‘Dipped In Ecstasy’ into an ever-blooming eight-minute composition employing ghostly synth lines, glitching arpeggios and heavy doses of low-end. Following is MNDR’s interpretation of ‘Dipped In Ecstasy’ taking things in a more upfront direction in comparison to the preceding cut, this time bringing penetrating rhythms and expansive atmospheres to the forefront alongside crunchy distorted rhythms.

Vedic’s remix opens up the latter half of the release, veering things into stripped back territories with the focus being laid on rumbling sub bass tones and shuffling drums, while sporadic stabs and vocal chops are eased into the mix to create a smooth, unfolding groove. Mark Picchiotti’s ‘Club’ and Radio’ mixes are offered up to close the package, rounding things off on a classy tip with a jazz-infused, disco tinged workout.

Flaunt feat Justin Jennings ‘Dipped In Ecstasy (Remixes)’ is out on Anticodon Records 6th November 2014.


1. Dipped In Ecstasy (Codon) (Ripperton Remix)
2. Dipped In Ecstasy (Codon) (MNDR Remix)
3. Dipped In Ecstasy (Codon) (Vedic Remix)
4. Dipped In Ecstasy (Codon) (Mark Picchiotti Club Remix)
5. Dipped In Ecstasy (Codon) (Mark Picchiotti Radio Mix)