Forevergreen release some twisted acid on Ory Js' 'Get Back' E.P


Forevergreen release some twisted acid on Ory Js' 'Get Back' E.P

The Italian imprint Forevergreen start the autumn off with some twisted acid on Ory Js' 'Get Back' E.P - it's house, but with techno's attitude and is aimed squarely at the peak-time slot, offering up four muscular cuts.

'Get Back' gets things underway with big stabs and a hazy mid range. It's fast-paced and dynamic, with as eries of well placed breakdowns, and steadily builds momentum for its duration.

'No More Booze' powers out of the blocks with a jagged, brightly-hued synth arrangement, only getting larger as time goes on. The bassline used doesn't sound like acid, but the way ORY J manage to whip it away for savage, barking asides is reminiscent of the 303's speedy versatility.

'Donuts' has a more soulful patina by way of delayed, but underneath, its drums are just as tough and dry-sounding. So too does its synth refrain tear at the periphery of the canvas, rather than caress.

Like the original, Risico's reworking of 'Donuts' shows that personality need not be sacrificed in the name of simplicity or functionality, is both the record's most funky and bruising. Return in the past, 80's high speed dance. Risico's knack of crafting throwback track show the obvious quality of this duo.


1. Get Back
2. No More Booze
3. Donuts
4. Donuts (Risico remix)

Release Date: 7th September 2015