Forro Red Light - Mirai No EP

Deep House

Forro Red Light - Mirai No EP

Following on from their debut release, the Brazilian label Massa Records emerges with another release that sticks out - this time from fledgling Brazilian duo Forro Red Light with his Mirai No EP.

Kicking off the release is the unorthodox sounds of ‘Aboiadao’. Full of unusual chanting, it starts off on a relatively innocuous tip, it soon unfurls into a very different beast altogether.

From that perspective, Hammer - the Bicep affiliate gives the original a whole new sheen, bringing it toward more peak-time territory via an interpretation that’s high on drama.

The second half of the release gets underway courtesy of the floaty, dreamy sounds of ‘Forro Sinteitico’. Full of clever synth-work throughout, it’s a captivating track that keeps us second-guessing from the first minute to the last.

Seeing us out the door quickly after is the sounds of ‘Gonzagueanado’. A sprightly jam that’s full of warmth, charm and zest, there’s a lot to love about Massa’s latest release.


  1. Aboiadao
  2. Aboiadao (Hammer remix)
  3. Baiao Gonzaguiano
  4. Forro Sintetico

Release Date: TBC