François V debuts with 'Why Detroit' on Hijacked Records Detroit


François V debuts with 'Why Detroit' on Hijacked Records Detroit

Hijacked Records Detroit’s latest release is a single from an amazing talent “Why Detroit,” dubbed after the title track, marks a debut release for François V on the Hijacked imprint and includes a Antwon Faulkner remix.

François’ original track takes us back to the days of intelligent techno. His style is reminiscent of UR’s Timeline and Los Hermanos with his own flavour mixed in. This arrangement is emotional and beautifully composed with complicated drum patterns and scintillating highs.

Supporting the title track we have Antwon Faulkner’s “Rhythm is Rhythm remix.” Antwon’s version has moved away from that ethereal quality we heard in François’ piece, taking the track to a dark and moody place. Antwon uses some of the key work from the original, but against the intense backdrop he’s staged, it’s almost as if he’s telling a completely different story.


1. François V - Why Detroit (Original mix) 
2. François V - Why Detroit (Antwon Faulkner Rhythm is Rhythm remix)

Release Date: 28th November 2016