Franco Bianco drops his new work titled 'En Lo Profundo'


Franco Bianco drops his new work titled 'En Lo Profundo'

After a time full of search, pauses, twists and turns in the life of Franco Bianco, - one of Argentina’s most eclectic producers - his new work titled “En Lo Profundo” will finally hit the vinyl and digital stores in later this month, hand in hand with Dilek Records.

True to his beliefs and always discovering new horizons, Franco created three powerful, rhythmic tracks, each with a different story and approach, combining styles as well as experiences. He took his productions to a whole new level, across any boundaries. The origin of this release started with techno and tech house, as the main leading genres, but it quickly became clear that Franco cannot fit nor stick to a precise style, since he lives with total freedom, having abandoned any form of purism.

This launch is a more organic journey than previous productions known from the artist. The three original tracks are meant to be together: they really mean something as a comprehensive whole, starting with the tribal ‘Slick’ and its surprising intro, the strong message inside ‘Un Kolla’ and the essential ‘En Lo Profundo’. This release constantly moves between light and darkness, drawing from feelings and states of mind.

Take ‘Un Kolla’ for example; it’s a composition created to accompany Fortunato Ramos’ poem recited by young Eyen, to vindicate the Kolla Natives. It’s the story of indigenous people from Western Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. It conveys a powerful message to learn from this ethnic culture, such as their respect for the Pachamama and their immeasurable kindness.

The remixes available on the 12” vinyl are delivered by amazingly talented producers like John Tejada, Gabriel Ananda, Cari Lekebusch and Samuel L Session. Inside the digital edition, you will find more original tracks, also together with various brilliant versions of Bruno Pronsato, Yapacc,Faray and Iori Wakasa. Each one of their rework carries a very personal mark from their individual origins and cultures. You will find a perfect balance between dancefloor oriented interpretations and softer versions, a range which will make you appreciate their talents in the best possible way.

This record was lingering, but it was definitely worth the wait. Franco Bianco usually doesn’t release more than one record every two or three years, and this time, he came out stronger than ever, creating a work of outstanding quality. From his originals up to the remixes, this release isn’t following any trends or fashions, and this is what makes it more interesting - and simply human.