Frankyeffe's Riot Recordings release a début from Astrea


Frankyeffe's Riot Recordings release a début from Astrea

Frankyeffe's imprint Riot Recordings continues to release some great music during 2015. Next up on the label is a début from Astrea, with a fresh summer two track release 'Blue Cloud' expresses a freshness for your ears.

With releases on Bullfinch Records, Traum, plus also featuring on Riot Recordings Various Artist compilation - the young Rome based artist Astrea débuts on Riot giving with a beautiful E.P. taking a deep breath in this summer.

'Around the Corner' is a light hearted dubby affair, with undertones of deep, groovy, and organic sounds - drenched in echo and broken up by stretched out stabs and high pitched, glistening piano notes.

While 'Blue Cloud' finds an additional bounce from an undeniable multitude of drum grooves which build throughout the track, the tempo is upped with a South American feel in a significant manner, making it the perfect summer track.


1. Around The Corner
2. Blue Cloud

Release Date: 3rd August 2015.