Freerotation present the vinyl debut from Monoak with 'Resolute' EP


Freerotation present the vinyl debut from Monoak with 'Resolute' EP

Vinyl Only, imprint Freerotation present the vinyl debut of Irish born 'Monoak' with four cutting edge tracks on the 'Resolute' EP - brimming with tunes which stay firmly in your head and exude a timeless quality.

Freerotation, is directly linked to the Freerotation Electronic Audio Visual Festival. Run as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, it started with humble beginnings, but the festival based in Wales (UK) has deservedly earned reputation for being one of the best in the world.

Comprising of residents and regular guests that include Move D, Leif, Ben UFO, Blawan and Surgeon, its open minded music policy welcomes experimentation and collaboration.

Recently set up as an extension of the festival is a vinyl only record label also titled ‘Freerotation.’ Now on its second release the label provides a voice for upcoming and under exposed artists with links to the festival, but it’s also a place where the more established Freerotation artists can be creative, and express themselves without compromise.

After the success of the labels first release which saw festival regulars Move D, Juju & Jordash and Soulphiction collaborate with festival organiser Steevio under the alias of ‘The High On Wye Quintet,’ the second release has been highly anticipated and the label is proud to introduce the vinyl debut of Irish born ‘Monoak’ who currently lives in London (UK).

Monoak’s distinctive style of gritty, melodic techno displays an artist engrossed in his work, wanting to take us on a unique journey into uncharted territory. Melody and percussion interchange amongst a framework of deep, broken, pounding kicks and sizzling highs. A rare thing these days from a new producer taking his first steps.

All four of the original tracks on this EP not only showcase why the labels last release was so successful, but also why the festival and its music policy have won the respect of the worlds music scene.


01. Resolute
02. When
03. Amay
04. Sync Sequence 1

Release Date: December 2015