FXtion Records return with classic house sounds from Cassimm with 'That Cho


FXtion Records return with classic house sounds from Cassimm with 'That Cho

FXtion Records are back with their third instalment and this time with rising star CASSIMM providing his original track 'That Chord'. Back up comes in the shape of 3 monster remixes!

‘That Chord’ has that classic house sound which we all can recognise but provides a real energy throughout the track. Strong keys accompanied by the subtle vocal are paramount to the vibe of this track.

The first remix comes from Harry Ley, a producer who is soaring a wave of growth and recognition at the moment and rightly so! He really steps the track up into that Tech House sound with the introduction of a punchier kick drum and a super intense build up with riding layered hi hats. A real fist pumper.

Next up on the remix roster is Mhod, straight back into fold off the back of their 'Feel The Groove EP'. This remix again gives us that Tech House vibe but with a darker edge.

The final remix is from label boss Lee Pearce. This is a lot truer to the original and with Lee’s style keeping that House sound and elevating those keys which CASSIMM has based the original track on. Lee’s interpretation gives the track a bit more pace by sharpening up the original elements.

A real blend of house flavors and tech house blends across the release so tease with!


That Chord (Original Mix)
That Chord (Harry Ley Remix)
That Chord (Mhod Remix)
That Chord (Lee Pearce Remix)

Release Date: October 3rd, 2016