Gabriele makes his debut on the Metroline imprint with a four tracker calle


Gabriele makes his debut on the Metroline imprint with a four tracker calle

This March finally sees Gabriele debuting with his EP on the Metroline imprint with a four tracker called Babi Connection. Along the three original tracks you can feel Gabriele's 'connection' with Berlin's deep and minimalistic house.

Since then Gabriele has been a regular figure in the Palermo and Berlin night life and his productions have been signed to labels such as Sleep is Commercial and Sincopat before he had his debut on Metroline Limited with his track Panorama Sonntag released on the Metroline Compilation 2013.

The opener 'Slow Dynamic Process' has a funked up groove and a pulsating bass which together with the some blasting snares and a mysterious sampled spoken work create a lovely groovy piece of dancefloor burner.

Xtraxx is something like Classic Records meets Dan Bell sometime in 1999 with a touch of atmospherics.? The beats are jacking but never in your face, the pace is soft and the groove is deep. Italoboyz re-work of Xtraxx takes the track up a couple of notches.

Their remix is super-driving, the combination of heavy drums, funky bass and disorienting vocals equals to a lethal peak time monster!

We final track is the title track, Babi Connection... who's the mysterious Babi? The tracks is also mysterious, it chugs along but never really lifts its pace even when you expect it to... we bet it can find its way to many DJ boxes while they pack their bags to play at the craziest of the after parties... maybe the ones that are still going on a Monday morning!


1. Slow Dynamic Process
2. Xtraxx
3. Xtraxx (Italoboyz Lauerdrich Von Compy remix)
4. Babi Connection

Release Date: 16th March 2015