Ghosthall turn to 0rfeo and PR3SNT for the deep melodic 'Limitation' E.P.

Deep House

Ghosthall turn to 0rfeo and PR3SNT for the deep melodic 'Limitation' E.P.

Swiss imprint Ghosthall turn to the deep and melodic tones of 0rfeo and PR3SNT for the 'Limitation' E.P. - both artists have released on the imprint, but it’s their first collaboration. The release offers a culmination of Deep House sounds, resulting in a well-rounded EP consisting of five songs with a melodic yet dark sound.

The EP is named after its title song 'Limitation', that summaries the concept of the Release combining different influences in a harmonic yet danceable mix.

'Orphic' with its intricate rhythms and hard hitting drums manages to maintain the deep vibe, that connects all the songs.

'Benzedrine' is probably the most laid back tune of the five, combining dark analogue lead sounds with melancholic choirs.

'Indefinit Boundaries' on the other hand has an up-tempo feel, taking influences from house and combining them with Ghosthall's signature sound.

Last but not least is 'Teutonian', a tune that uses orchestral instrumentation and analogue synthesizers to create a melodic, and wide atmosphere, that has the potential to find a wider audience.


1. PR3SNT, Orfeo - Limitation
2. PR3SNT, Orfeo - Orphic
3. PR3SNT - Benzedrine
4. PR3SNT - Indefinit Boundaries
5. PR3SNT, Orfeo - Teutonian

Release Date: 31st August 2015.