Gravite introduce Tears of Change with 'Code 818'


Gravite introduce Tears of Change with 'Code 818'

The latest release from Gravite Records, see's the imprint bring on board the dynamic Italian duo Tears of Change, with their latest release, 'Code 818' featuring two original tracks, with remixes from Bruno Sacco and Danilo Rispoli.

Tears of Change are a duo composed of Federico Baracco and Paolo Mantini. Both members have studied music since they were six years old and their long-lasting interest in music production inspires them to keep working on new and exciting projects. The duo are lovers of modular and analogue machines which is reflected in their powerful sound, deeply influenced by underground genres such as Dub and Detroit Techno and from artists of the likes of Robert Hood, Joey Anderson, Maurizio and Donato Dozzy.

The title track 'Code 818' is driven entirely by a line of analogue synth coarse and rough and hard with a straight groove that follows throughout its length.

Bruno Sacco picks up with his remix taking a different approach, developing a more atmospheric and less straight than the original playing quite a groove of hit-hat Backward and shifting the main synth instead becomes the background.

'Trinacria' the second original track is instead a delusion orchestra from analogue and modular machines, that does not follow any rules.

Danilo Rispoli plays the second with his unmistakable techno-style that recent times seems to have taken a whole different appearance.


1. Code 818
2. Code 818 (Bruno Sacco remix)
3. Trinacria (Danilo Rispoli eemix)
4. Trinacria (Original Mix)